vrijdag 18 december 2009


Filmed by Creative Resources. Thanks!

maandag 14 december 2009


Last Saturday Xstreets Collective and their photography friends CFYE and Wolfgang Josten opened the exhibition 'Here We Are'. After the opening, with a lot of drinks and bites, we celebrated more during the afterparty next door at Mp3. What a blast!

Check out some pictures here from CFYE.com

And from Nicole Blommers.

Thanks everyone for showing up and for the pictures, film and live acts!

The exhibition can be visited every Thursday till Sunday, 13:00 - 18:00, till 31-01-2010.

maandag 7 december 2009

'HERE WE ARE' magazine 1

Check out the first issue of the 'Here We Are' magazine.
This magazine will be for sale in a limited edition (20 signed copies) at the opening of the exhibition 'Here We Are' 12th of december 16:00 - 20:00 at ABC Treehouse, Amsterdam.

dinsdag 3 november 2009


"Here We Are"

Xstreets Collective showing their art
Basel - Brighton - Amsterdam

12-12-2009 - 31-01-2010

Special guests photo-exhibition showing Amsterdam & Street-art by Wolfgang Josten and Kaymir Stark & Arden Raaij (CrackForYourEyes.com). Art by IVES.one, MLSS, Zaira, Bustart, Skate, Karma83, Shez, Seifrei, Fons & Robe.

Opening 12-12-09, 16:00 - 20:00

Location: ABC Treehouse Gallery, Voetboogstraat 11 (near Spui), Amsterdam, http://www.treehouse.abc.nl,/ 020-4230967

Opening time ABC Treehouse gallery during the week: Thursday - Sunday 13:00 - 18:00 and by appointment (xstreetz@gmail.com)

The ABC Treehouse is a project of the American Book Center: www.abc.nl

'Here We Are' Afterparty
Date: 12-12-09
Time: 21:00 - 04:00
Location: Muziekpodium3, Voetboogstraat 3 (near Spui), http://www.mp3live.nl/

Music style: Funk, Soul, Hiphop and Jazz. Special treat if you enter the party before 00:00.

Line up: Dj Bite Dj Sounder (Dynamite Soul Dj team) MC DRT Tess & The Chiefs (live band) Fredee Brazil (UK) Die Schallplattenpolizei

woensdag 7 oktober 2009

IVES.one rocks Ghostcity DOEL (BE)

Check soon CFYE for a nice phot report of that day....

maandag 21 september 2009

From Amsterdam to Basel

In just a short flight four Xstreets members ventured from Amsterdam to Basel in Swtizerland to visit our buddies Bustart and Zaira and enjoy a jam packed painting and creative week. The rain that was promised didnt start and we were blessed with beautiful sunshine every day. The day after we arrived we painted at the special Schanzli Jam where we knocked out a wall that was 'picture' perfect, had great music, great atmosphere and awesome people. Big thanks to the Rappartment for the music and the breakdancers for their wicked performance.
Every day brought either a new day painting or successfully and unsuccessfully printing T-Shirts. after many many attempts and a few mishaps it wont be long before they come to a store near you:)
A holiday where we could paint every day, drink beer, chill out with friends and create some awesome pieces of work, seems to fit just about right as the perfect holiday. A huge thank you to Bust and Zai for a brilliant week it was great guys.

zondag 16 augustus 2009

Xstreets Free Art Frenzy

While everyone was tucked up in bed or enjoying the last few hours of the evening, three Xstreets members were frenzily cycling around dropping Free Art all over the city of Amsterdam. They began in the red light district, taking a frantic tour in and around the alley ways and streets. They barely had time to leave the second drop when some lucky passer by grabbed the opportunity to take it. Five more lucky people had their picture taken with their new found art. For some it was a little more difficult to understand the concept that they could actually take the art with no strings attached:)
They generated a lot of interest and in particular the Cops seemed to want to know what was going on.
Cop: "We have been informed that you are acting suspicously."
Ives.One: "What is suspicious?"
Cop: "Well, why do you have a camera on the bike. I dont do that. Its not normal."
Ives.One: "We're not normal."
And so it continued for a little while, Skatin Chinchilla pretty oblivious and content with fixing the camera on the front of the bakfiets, Karma83 bricking it slightly and Ives.one craftily making the very large police officer sound incredibly ignorant without him even knowing. After checking details and, to their disappointed, finding no warrants out for their arrests they were free to continue the free art frenzy. If you were out that night or on your way to work in the morning and you found our art, check out the footage and you'll understand how it got there and why it was a great Xstreets Free Art Frenzy!

maandag 27 juli 2009


Wall done in Amsterdam-Oost by IVES.one, Fons, MLSS, Karma83, Skate & DNA

maandag 20 juli 2009


During our second party, Xstreets Writersbench, the members of Xstreets Collective Amsterdam painted a nice mural in De Nieuwe Anita. And it is there to stay, so check it out if you missed the party!

dinsdag 7 juli 2009

Painted squad building

Pictures of the squad building that was also painted by Xstreets on www.nu.nl. For more pictures and info click!

Here you see painting of MLSS (under the poster) & Skate (the character)

And here you see on the left a painting of Zai.

vrijdag 3 juli 2009


Want to win some free tickets for this party? Check CrackForYourEyes.com

De Nieuwe Anita
Fredrik Hendrikstraat 111 (near Hugo de Grootplein)
20:00 - 01:00

Funk, (live) art, coktails, urban memory game, xstreets exhibition, vintage & cult!

woensdag 1 juli 2009

Micheal Jackson in memorial!!

Hi over there !!

IVES.ONE is busy making a lot of stencils in the city as an tribute to MICHEAL JJACKSON.
He also did the side of the market stand where they sale the MONTANA GOLD.

Check out if you are around. or try to find more of them around town


woensdag 24 juni 2009


The members of Xstreets Collective are artists of the week at CFYE. Thanks guys and hope to see you at our party the 3rd of July in De Nieuwe Anita!

maandag 22 juni 2009

XSTREETS party #2! 03-07-09

Hi friends! 
The previous Xstreets party, X Marks The Spot, was a big success. Now we have a new party for you that will even be bigger & better

The Xstreets Writersbench will be the 3rd of July in DE NIEUWE ANITA. Check the flyer and join us at the party!


zaterdag 20 juni 2009

donderdag 11 juni 2009


MLSS & IVES.one where in the weekend of 5 and 6 of June in Bristol (England) during the Upfest Festival. They painted there with 150 other international (street)artists. See here the pictures of a few things that has been created.

More check www.upfest.co.uk or search Upfest on Flickr.com!

woensdag 10 juni 2009

donderdag 4 juni 2009

Bust and Zai in Amsterdam

The Xstreets family holiday here in Amsterdam was a whirl of lasanges and pizzas fit for kings... painting and beers and cycling and more painting and beers and cyclying, with the odd little mischief missions in the night. Friday at the Java Eiland started the weekend of with a banger of a wall. Bust, Zai, Skate, and Ives.one cracked open the spray paint champagne with that one. Saturday was a trip around the town and to the market to make the guys day by buying paint for 3 days for all of us...and so laden with cans we head to an unknown squat building where we find we can paint the outside, (windows and doors included). Things got a little crazy when little monkeys got hold of our markers and started to tag all over the forbidden window....we thought wed better leave them to it...we had more missions to accomplish. The next two days were again spent painting and two really great mural walls came out of it. All in all it was a great Xstreets weekend and with colours of paint flying everywhere we really made the city beautiful this weekend.

Just A few of the missions accomplished in the deep of night:)

The Monday Mural

After seeing what vast array of colours we had left after a 3 day painting binge the 4th day became a trippers paradise. Bust, Zai, Karma83, Skate, Fons together with ODN and Koos.F paid a tripute to the wonderful world of hallucinogenics under the bridge at Flevopark.

Sunday Painting in the Westerpark

Bust, Skate, Zai and Karma83 spent a lovely few hours painting in the sunshine, with a nice little theme to tie it together.

zondag 24 mei 2009


XSTREETS MLSS & IVES.one where represesent on Fusion of Dance festival in Zwolle yesterday. We painted this nice wall with AIR. Every character represents a stage, from the left to the right: Onlytechno, Lipgloss and Megabase.

zaterdag 16 mei 2009



woensdag 6 mei 2009

Status website X-Streets Amsterdam

Well! it's been a thing with us at 'studio weltevree' to make a website design for x-streets.com that functions well for all of us. Of course we needed to search for the best possible format for the website.

We wanted to make a e-zine with the 'Joomla CMS' which would have all of our profile and photo's! 5 plugins and some tweaking later! The core (CMS with extensions) will be done!

We have made some photo's that will be made in a derivation from Fons' illustration style, only cleaner. Due to the fact those have to resemble the Xstreets painters.

After that we will CSS style a multitude of templates based on illustrations made by the painters! When this is done each Xstreets member can change their own look and feel to the website by a drop down menu for the template!

More updates follow soon!

We will begin testing in the first week of next month!

woensdag 22 april 2009


And this is the endresult of Karma83 and Anne painting at the female hiphop event in Fusion.


Xstreets' IVES.one heeft vorige week live bij het programma Kijk Dit Nou op TMF een nieuw decor gespoten. En dit is het resultaat! Kijk op http://www.deloads.nl/items/view/3453/ voor de totstandkoming van het stuk!

donderdag 26 maart 2009


Our lady Karma is making some nice graffiti on a Female Hiphop event at Fusion, the 17th of April. Go check it out!

woensdag 25 maart 2009

vrijdag 20 maart 2009

VINYL FACTORY ROME 21-03-09 TILL 24-04-09

Xstreets' IVES.one, Karma, Skate and MLSS have painted some nice vinyl for this show in Rome... Photos see on Flickr!

vrijdag 13 maart 2009


Hello dear readers,

The 24th of May there will be a new edition of Obsession4Fashion, in Rotterdam.
XSTREETS will be present again, our collective will paint live on some models.

We will be there with: KARMA,MLSS,SKATE,DNA,FONS and IVES.ONE.

So we hope we will see you in Rotterdam.

maandag 9 februari 2009


Last weekend we (DNA, Karma, Skate, MLSS, IVES.one & Fons) made a nice handmade design on this very special X table!

zaterdag 7 februari 2009


Here are some nice videos from you that contains art of our Xstreets peeps from Basel. Check it out & enjoy!




vrijdag 30 januari 2009


Last weekend some members of XSTRTS Amsterdam, painted a wall together. Unless the cold there was some sunshine in the city. We decided to make a wall with pieces this time. The only thing was that the POLICE, thought they could arrest us (THE FOOLS) ofcourse we had the license to PAINT (I wish we had one to kill) so after some minutes they dript off like some litlle puppies. So we could finish our wall, wich I think looks great with the black background.
Here are some pictures of the session.