woensdag 6 mei 2009

Status website X-Streets Amsterdam

Well! it's been a thing with us at 'studio weltevree' to make a website design for x-streets.com that functions well for all of us. Of course we needed to search for the best possible format for the website.

We wanted to make a e-zine with the 'Joomla CMS' which would have all of our profile and photo's! 5 plugins and some tweaking later! The core (CMS with extensions) will be done!

We have made some photo's that will be made in a derivation from Fons' illustration style, only cleaner. Due to the fact those have to resemble the Xstreets painters.

After that we will CSS style a multitude of templates based on illustrations made by the painters! When this is done each Xstreets member can change their own look and feel to the website by a drop down menu for the template!

More updates follow soon!

We will begin testing in the first week of next month!