zondag 16 augustus 2009

Xstreets Free Art Frenzy

While everyone was tucked up in bed or enjoying the last few hours of the evening, three Xstreets members were frenzily cycling around dropping Free Art all over the city of Amsterdam. They began in the red light district, taking a frantic tour in and around the alley ways and streets. They barely had time to leave the second drop when some lucky passer by grabbed the opportunity to take it. Five more lucky people had their picture taken with their new found art. For some it was a little more difficult to understand the concept that they could actually take the art with no strings attached:)
They generated a lot of interest and in particular the Cops seemed to want to know what was going on.
Cop: "We have been informed that you are acting suspicously."
Ives.One: "What is suspicious?"
Cop: "Well, why do you have a camera on the bike. I dont do that. Its not normal."
Ives.One: "We're not normal."
And so it continued for a little while, Skatin Chinchilla pretty oblivious and content with fixing the camera on the front of the bakfiets, Karma83 bricking it slightly and Ives.one craftily making the very large police officer sound incredibly ignorant without him even knowing. After checking details and, to their disappointed, finding no warrants out for their arrests they were free to continue the free art frenzy. If you were out that night or on your way to work in the morning and you found our art, check out the footage and you'll understand how it got there and why it was a great Xstreets Free Art Frenzy!