maandag 21 september 2009

From Amsterdam to Basel

In just a short flight four Xstreets members ventured from Amsterdam to Basel in Swtizerland to visit our buddies Bustart and Zaira and enjoy a jam packed painting and creative week. The rain that was promised didnt start and we were blessed with beautiful sunshine every day. The day after we arrived we painted at the special Schanzli Jam where we knocked out a wall that was 'picture' perfect, had great music, great atmosphere and awesome people. Big thanks to the Rappartment for the music and the breakdancers for their wicked performance.
Every day brought either a new day painting or successfully and unsuccessfully printing T-Shirts. after many many attempts and a few mishaps it wont be long before they come to a store near you:)
A holiday where we could paint every day, drink beer, chill out with friends and create some awesome pieces of work, seems to fit just about right as the perfect holiday. A huge thank you to Bust and Zai for a brilliant week it was great guys.