dinsdag 29 juli 2008

X marks the spot - art meeting Xstreets Collective & UmbrellART

Saturday 4 October - Thursday 9 October 2008
Opening: Saturday 4th of October 18.00

'X marks the spot' will be opened on Saturday the 4th of October at 18.00 in the Chiellerie after the road show that will be held in Amsterdam. The road show starts 15.30 at Nieuwmarkt. Come and walks with us that day! On the opening night will be a fashion show held of ILL_DESIGN from Basel, Switzerland at 19.00. There will be music by several djs and free drinks. The best designed umbrella that is part of the show will be chosen at 19.30 by a professional jury and will be produced exclusively one time only for the artist.

Party with Xstreets & Friends at the 'X marks the spot' official after party. The location and acts will be pronounced at the opening night in the Chiellerie.

Road show UmbrellART: 4 October 15.30 at Nieuwmarkt.
'X marks the spot' opening: 4 October 2008 18.00 at Chiellerie.
During show: 4 - 9 October 2008.
Entrance: free!
Drinks: free at the opening night!

Want to join Umbrellart?
Send an e-mail to umbrellart [at] gmail.com!