donderdag 15 juli 2010

Swiss Holiday Amsterdam 'Monday'

This was an interesting evening to say the least. Most of the day we spent chilling out and checking out the toys at Outland Records. We had had a not very successful meeting the night before about the layout of the wall that we would paint, and so we came to the wall to make the most of what had been agreed on. Some people were not so happy and threw temper tantrums like two year olds, but we, the Xstreets continued to paint away happily

I am pretty sure that the wall is not yet finished, but hey we did our part very well

Swiss Holiday Amsterdam 'Sunday'

As the sun was shining so bright and we had at least 150Euros worth of paint, it was time to make another wall. This time we set out to the Java Eiland to make a nice wall. When we arrived we had seen that the Hulk had been there the night before and separated the two walls.

This meant that we would only have a small space to paint and so we decided to make the letters "XSC" and fill it with some characters. Unfortunately My Ives.One had not slept the previous night and so was a little worse for wear. We managed to make such a lovely banging wall.

Swiss Holiday Amsterdam 'Saturday'

First we would like to thank Donna and Rick at the American Book Centre and Treehouse Gallery ( ) for arranging the Urban Arts Festival Saturday 26th June. We were given a stall to sell some goodies and a freshly latexed white wooden board for us to get wild on.

It was a great day, chilling in the sunshine, making stickers and meeting all kinds of new creative people. We were all together on the Spui square for the day: myself, Skatin Chinchilla and Ives.One representing. The three of us made a lovely collaboration on the wooden wall, but have yet to find a finished picture:)

At 5pm the time we had been waiting for had come, Bustart and Zaira arrived at the Square and it was a joyous reunion. It was time to pack up the stall and head round the corner outside the ABC Treehouse Gallery to start on the first wall of the weekend. We didnt have a great deal of time to do it, so with the five of us going a little crazy, we turned an ugly wall into a wall that all the residents of the street would be proud to see when they woke up every day. Once again, thank you for organising this day.

Swiss Holiday Amsterdam 'Friday'

This day was a sad day as Easyjet cancelled the flight of our Swiss counterparts coming over, and so we would just have to wait 24 hours and we would see them again.

This was how we felt: