woensdag 31 maart 2010


Just a reminder for you to come the 9th of April and walk with us to all the BEP windows with the colourfull art of Xstreets Collective & friends. Your not-so-average-tour-guide MC DRT will give you all the information about the art and artists.

Our last stop is Streetlab_ Projectspace/Meneer de Wit at Postjesweg 2 for the closingparty.

We start the art walk on 21:00 sharp at nr. 1 on Bellamyplein (Amsterdam West).
On 22:00 starts the party at Postjesweg 2 (Amsterdam West).

Music by: Die Schallplattenpolizei, Dj Samidi, Dj Koldun, MC DRT, L2N and KSK.

Free entrance, free Jameson whiskey and free candy for all of you!

maandag 29 maart 2010

lets get painting

Lets not waste no time then, MLSS banging out her sketch from MR shez

Sketchs from MLSS for shez

Got to get these little bad boys in there.

The exchange

A while ago we decided to get a little exchange going on Between the people of XSC, As its not possiable for us all to be around each other this is a good way for us to have a bit of fun.

So the idea gose that every couple of months we are goin to make a sketch for the one of the other people in the crew and they will try and get to go and paint it (weather and funds permiting).

so here is a peeky at the first sketches hitting the blog,

Zaira By Karma83



Bust By skatin chinchilla


vrijdag 19 maart 2010


On the 9th of April Xstreets Collective is having a night full of art, music and fun!

Walk with us and our not-so-average-tourguide MC DRT trough all the windows of BEP gallery in Amsterdam Oud West. The walk starts at 21:00, so be 20:45 at Bellamyplein!

Our last stop is Streetlab_ Projectspace, (Meneer de Wit) Postjesweg2, where we will having a nice party with free entrance, free drinks and free candy! The funk and hiphop sounds will be arranged by Die Schallplattenpolizei, dj Samidi, dj Koldun, MC DRT, KSK and L2N.

We want to thank BEP gallery, Jameson and Streetlab_ for making this event possible!

Map BEP windows, meetingpoint nr 1 (START tour at 21:00)